Renewable Energy

re-new-a-ble [ri-noo, -nyoo] adjective
1. able to be renewed:
renewable energy sources

As our world becomes more ecology driven, society begins to move away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy. Things like rising oil costs, which lead to rises in pricing of everyday items such as gasoline, plastics, heating oil, etc, society as a whole begins the shift away from these dying resources.

Renewable Energy has become as big a hot-button issue as any that we face in the world today, compared with things like a collapsing housing market, an unstable financial state, and the uncertainty that lies ahead.

As green-house gasses threaten to permanently raise the temperature of the planet, aided by both deforestation and man's reliance on burning fossil fuels, we have started to educate ourselves in cleaner ways to produce the energy needed to live the way we do. Solar Thermal has been implemented for thousands of years, Photovoltaic energy has been around for at least 30 years, wind has been used since the dawn of man to circumnavigate the globe, and capturing energy from water dates back thousands of years as well with things like water wheels used in milling processes.

Energy Upgrade California

Why upgrade your home?

When it comes to energy, your house is a system—insulation, air ducts, windows, furnace and air-conditioning—that work together. An energy upgrade makes sure that each piece functions well so your whole house is more efficient.

An energy upgrade can help you...

  • Save energy and lower your bills
  • Make your home more comfortable in all seasons
  • Improve the air quality inside your home
  • Conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gases

Why upgrade NOW?

Limited time rebates and incentives could save you thousands of dollars on your upgrade project.