Attic and Wall Insulation

Why Insulation?

Insulation plays an important role in your home's efficiency as well as the environment. Inadequate insulation and air leakage not only harms the environment but can have a huge impact on your monthly utility bills. Adding insulation to your walls, floors, and ceilings helps reduce your energy bills and improves your comfort of living.

Insulation as an industry has evolved a lot in recent years. What was once exclusively bats of insulation has evolved into a much more diverse product offering. Insulation still comes in bats, but there are a variety of other more effective forms, too. Each type of insulation depends on application, but there are many types of blown in insulation, spray foam insulations, and even loose-fill insulation. The R-Value, which defines the effectiveness of insulation with the higher number representing a better insulative property, has seen great increases across different types of insulation.

Fresno Home Performance offers quality building insulation products and provides insulation installation, insulation removal, and blown-in attic insulation. Our professional trained installers are dedicated to ensure that your home is properly insulated and will best suit your insulation needs. Start saving money by properly insulating your home.

Energy Upgrade California

Why upgrade your home?

When it comes to energy, your house is a system—insulation, air ducts, windows, furnace and air-conditioning—that work together. An energy upgrade makes sure that each piece functions well so your whole house is more efficient.

An energy upgrade can help you...

  • Save energy and lower your bills
  • Make your home more comfortable in all seasons
  • Improve the air quality inside your home
  • Conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gases

Why upgrade NOW?

Limited time rebates and incentives could save you thousands of dollars on your upgrade project.