Air Conditioning and Heating

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Having a good air conditioning and heating unit is key to the health of your house. Being able to control your indoor temperature and humidity can help maintain the structure of your home. Is your duct system sealed and insulated properly? Here at Fresno Home Performance we strive to make this a reality. Not only will it benefit your house to seal your ducts, it will also improve your energy usage.

How do you measure an air conditioner's efficiency?

An Air Conditioner's efficiency is measured in two different (but related) scales. First, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, is a measure of an air conditioner's efficiency of creating cool, dry air at moderate temperatures. The second measure of efficiency, the Extreme Efficiency Ratint, or EER, is a more accurate measure to the effectiveness of an air conditioner in the San Joaquin Valley's climate. Since our air conditioner usage usually doesn't occur until after outdoor temperatures cross 90F, the SEER paints an inaccurate picture of overall efficiency, since the test doesn't occur at 90F. The test for EER is performed at 95F, so it is much more accurate to the overall efficiency of an air conditioner during our hot summers.

How do you measure furnace's efficiency?

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, or AFUE, is a simple scale that is used to rate combustion furance efficiency. The scale is zero to 100, with 100 being impossible to reach. In all combustion processes, there is loss, so achieving a perfect 100AFUE is not possible, though some Furnace brands have claimed numbers near that limit. The AFUE is directly related to the net percent efficiency, so a 90 AFUE furnace converts 90% of the input fuel into direct heat.

How old is your equipment?

New equipment can improve your energy usage by as much as 50%. Technology has come a long way since the first air conditioners. A typical Fresno Area house has rating between about 7 and 10 SEER. The minimum rating is 14 SEER in today's market, with an EER of 11. You can get realistic SEER ratings into the 16 to 18 range and often higher with smaller systems. On the heating side you can go from 80% efficient heater to a 98% efficient one. You can see where a new unit with a properly sealed and insulated duct system can greatly reduce your homes energy dependency.

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Energy Upgrade California

Why upgrade your home?

When it comes to energy, your house is a system—insulation, air ducts, windows, furnace and air-conditioning—that work together. An energy upgrade makes sure that each piece functions well so your whole house is more efficient.

An energy upgrade can help you...

  • Save energy and lower your bills
  • Make your home more comfortable in all seasons
  • Improve the air quality inside your home
  • Conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gases

Why upgrade NOW?

Limited time rebates and incentives could save you thousands of dollars on your upgrade project.